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The Bigger Idea In Solar Racking
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Welcome to Silverback Solar

Silverback Solar® designs, manufactures and distributes engineered racking systems for mounting photovoltaic and solar thermal systems. Our solar panel racking systems work on commercial flat and low sloped roofs as well as ground mount applications.

Solar panel array with fewer roof penetrations

The attachment points on this solar panel array were spaced 20' on center for fewer roof penetrations.


Why Silverback?

  • bulletSpans longer distances with fewer penetrations
  • bulletWatertight attachments protect integrity of roof
  • bulletElevates over rooftop clutter to maximize module density
  • bulletProject specific engineered drawings with Engineer’s wet stamp
Over 40,000 attachments installed without a single leak!

The beauty of superior design with fewer parts and fewer roof penetrations makes this racking solution the best choice for your next ground mount or rooftop photovoltaic project. Big and strong like a gorilla, the simple and elegant design is stronger than any conventional PV panel racking system currently available. This inherent strength allows it to be elevated over rooftop equipment and span longer distances between support points, making it ideal for cluttered roofs where non penetrating ballasted systems or limited span aluminum rail systems are not possible. This is especially important in a business where reducing installation cost and increasing PV density is critical to the success of the widespread adoption of solar energy.

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